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Combo Pack- Grass Fed Bison Tallow (7.5 oz), Pasture Raised Pork Lard (14 oz) & Pasture Raised Leaf Lard (14 oz) - Fatworks
  • Combo Pack- Grass Fed Bison Tallow (7.5 oz), Pasture Raised Pork Lard (14 oz) & Pasture Raised Leaf Lard (14 oz) - Fatworks
Combo Pack- Grass Fed Bison Tallow (7.5 oz), Pasture Raised Pork Lard (14 oz) & Pasture Raised Leaf Lard (14 oz) is quite popular lately and is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though today and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

What else could we call this but the THUNDERPIGS Combo Pack. You receive 15% off the cost of a Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow a.k.a Thunderfat  (7.5 oz), Pasture Raised Leaf Lard (14 oz) and Pasture Raised Pork Lard (14 oz).

About the fats...

Grass Fed Bison Fat 7.5 oz: We call this one, "Thunderfat" because it is sourced from the great American Bison, a.k.a the Thunderbeast! Fatworks Grass Fed Bison Tallow is sourced from Grass-Fed Pastured Raised Bison! This is the only USDA Grass-Fed Bison available!  Bison Tallow is some seriously "traditional fat" as it was a staple of many Native American tribes for generations. Our Grass-Fed Bison Tallow has a very pleasant flavor with a rich, deep yellow fat that can only come from grass feeding. This is a great fat for all fat lovers, including Keto and Paleo practitioners. Perfect for sautéing, stir fries, frying and even your baking needs. For those not Keto or Paleo, try making delicious savory or sweet pies, just so you can hear people say, "You made it with Bison Tallow!?"  Also, for DIY lotion makers, if you mix Bison Tallow with essential oils you've got yourself a powerful emollient. (That's fancy talk for "moisturizer".) Please note: Picture may show "Buffalo Tallow" but this is same product as Bison. We have changed the name as most ranchers use Bison rather than Buffalo despite them being synonymous.

Pasture Raised Leaf Lard 14 oz: This is quite possibly the finest lard available. Not only is it made from 100% Pasture Raised pigs, it's also created only from the " leaf" of the pig. That means it's less "porky" tasting than any other type of lard. This makes a lard that is delicate, light and "clean" tasting. Bakers have cherished leaf lard because it creates the best pie crusts and cakes while not imparting any flavor of it's own. And because of it's high smoke point, Leaf Lard is simply perfect for frying and sauteing, especially when you want the natural flavors of your ingredients to shine. Fatworks Pure Premium Pastured Raised Leaf Lard is essential stuff for anyone interested in cooking with traditional fat. Praise the Lard!

Pasture Raised Pork Lard 14 oz: Our most flavorful lard made from back fat and belly fat of 100% Pasture Raised pigs. It's a robust fat that is great for everyday cooking. Use for browning meat, sautéing veggies and baking savory treats.

None of our products have added hormones or antibiotics and they are all pasture raised! Of course you probably knew that otherwise you wouldn't be here.

NOTE: You can filter for repeated use. Just drain through a coffee filter into a clean jar.

Ingredients: Grass Fed Buffalo Tallow, Organic Rosemary Extract

Ingredients: Pasture Raise Lard, Organic Rosemary Extract

Ingredients: Pasture Raised Leaf Lard, Organic Rosemary Extract